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1.2. Formats

Important IMPORTANT: Script and Stylesheet Downloads!

If you want to download only the scripts and stylesheets of this project, without any documentation, get the following archive:

This document is available in the following formats:

Note RTF: Page numbers

In order to get correct page numbers in Microsoft Word, type the following after opening the document:


  2. CTRL-A

  3. F9

In Word Viewer 97, you must instead do:


  2. ALT

  3. V

  4. N

  5. ALT

  6. V

  7. P

See The OpenJade RTF backend for more details.

Important IMPORTANT: Downloads for offline reading!

If you want to download the HTML or RTF formats for offline reading, you will need to download the images as well - PNG for HTML and BMP for RTF, including the callouts! To save you the hassle, I have compiled the following zipped tar archives for offline reading (these contain the scripts and stylesheets too):

A tarball containing all the above formats, including images and scripts, is also available:



The bibliography of this document is generated through RefDB directly in SGML, so that there is no LyX file for it available.

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