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1.5.3. Version 2.0

In version 2.0, Chris Karakas added the following Chapters and Sections:

In version 2.0, Claudio Erba added the following Chapters and Sections:

Note Note

As you can see, almost all labels of version 1.0 have been preserved in version 2.0 too. More specifically, all labels that give rise to HTML files have been preserved in the LyX file. That's no coincidence: Cool labels don't change!

Chris translated Claudio's additions from italian and inserted some additions and many cross-references. On the other hand, some of Claudio's information has found its way in the sections added by Chris.

We have added the GNU Free Documentation Licence in the Section A.1.

The following figures have been added in version 2.0:

Again, as in version 1.0, Chris made PNG, PDF (encapsulated PDF), EPS (encapsulated Postscript) and BMP versions of all figures to be used in the various formats of the document.

The following tables have been added in version 2.0:

Chris wrote all new material of version 2.0 in LyX, formatted the whole document, created the Index (semi-automatically this time, through some of his sed and awk scripts, as described in Document processing with LyX and SGML) and processed the LyX file through his scripts (see Section 1.8, for details) to render all the versions and files available from Section 1.2.

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