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Chapter 21. Creating modules

Table of Contents
21.1. Module structure
21.2. Creating fully compatible modules: the rules to follow
21.3. Module creation, the public part
21.4. Module creation, administrator part
21.5. How to include a HTML file in a PHP-Nuke module
21.6. How to include a HTML file and its links in a PHP-Nuke module
21.7. How to include a HTML file and its links using an iframe in a PHP-Nuke module
21.8. How to include a plain text file in a PHP-Nuke module
21.9. How to use Javascript in PHP-Nuke modules
21.9.1. Javascript functions in javascript.php
21.9.2. Complete Javascript code in modules
21.10. How to create a Logout module
21.11. How to show advertisements in PHP-Nuke modules
21.11.1. Google AdSense in the News module
21.11.2. Google AdSense on top of a PHP-Nuke module
21.12. How to display HTML forms in a module

After having seen how to modify PHP-Nuke modules, we are in a position to try our skills at creating one - in this chapter we will show you how! We cover:

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